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Tenant, Robert J. Company's founding partner, has been practicing the law for more than 35 years in the San Jose and Santa Clara districts. He is a graduate of the University of California, Berkeley Bolt Hall Law School. He is an expert in family law and has been working in the field of family law for more than 25 years. Michelle Breno is our full partner. She is a graduate of the Law School at San Diego. She spent six years on the exclusive implementation of family law at the law office. Michelle Brenno is one of the most famous people who advocates the Silicon Valley family law, known for his excellent courtroom skills and good customer support.

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At the Robert J. Law Office, we are working on a professional, experienced and high quality divorce and legal representation of family law in all forms of family law litigation. The litigation that your family is involved in is very personal and is handled most appropriately using personal legal representation. If you need a family legal lawyer in California, you can guarantee your agency by the law firm of Robert J. Tenants provide positive, experienced, passionate, and caring advice. Our lawyer brings more than 50 years of legal experience to the practice of California Family Law. We are in Campbell, California, near San Jose, Saratoga, and Los Gatos, serving all the Santa Clara County and the Big Silicon Valley.

Susie Fox is a friendly legal assistant at Robert J's law firm. Tenant. For three years, she has been supporting lawyers for family law, and has been very attentive to people who are facing difficult situations. Please contact her for a free consultation schedule.

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This review shows Michelle Brato is a great lawyer with this law firm.

Michel has the means to pursue an effective problem-solving lawyer.  She has a bold and logical approach to developing a winning solution for all the problems that a family court may face.  In divorce, parental rights issues, spouses, and children's support drama, realistic and bold thinking is necessary.  Some people need an endless court schedule that lacks determination, but we also don't want to settle the unfinished result.

Michel will represent you in a bold, logical, and pragmatic (unsold) approach.  She stands firm in fairness and fairness.  Her strong determination in court brings a valid and winning solution to the family court.

Michel is an expert in creating a strategic schedule to solve management problems to meet the needs of the family.  She prepares countless schedules and, depending on the situation, shows why a particular schedule works best.

I am grateful to have experienced a few experienced lawyers and have found Michel.  The new lawyer would not dare to fight or even take a hard line against the trial on my five-year-old daughter.  Michel has more than 20 years of experience in family law.  

Michel is very helpful in supporting children.  They have a heart to help children caught up in the agony of divorce and children caught in the fight against their "burning enemies" co-parents.  

During the meeting, I thanked her for her understanding and patience, despite the lack of coordination in giving details of the ugly divorce  and as I was disappointed with the proceedings and experience of the divorce court  Mr. Michelle began to speak earnestly, changed my focus, and I could see bigger images.  She summarized my divorce proceedings, guaranteed the provision for my children, and paid great attention to the useful details of the final divorce sentence.

Thanks to Michelle Brent

12/31/2020 06:41pm