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Soise went to San Jose State University and was a scholar at the president's school, which accounted for the top 1% of all students. He attended a law school at the University of California at Davis, graduated from the top of the class and was a member of the United States. He oversaw the Davis Act and acted as an American article editor. Davis Business Row Journal. Before graduating from the United States, Davis and Soise worked for the Joro District Prosecutor's Office, the Public Defense Office in Santa Clara County, and the Senior Court in Santa Clara County. He also worked as a clerk at the California Resources Bureau under Governor Gray Davis of Sacramento. Soise has been selected for Rising Star, California's Super Alkom, for four consecutive years, and has a rating of "Subper" (10 out of 10) at

Established in 2009


real-estate project with emphasis on * Asset protection * Common trust * Structured Trust * Trust special needs *Pet Trust trust management Probate medical programing trust action We currently accept the following: * Hyatt *ARAG *AARP *Google LegalAccess *Work Options

Soise helps wealthy customers move wealth from one generation to the next. Experienced California lawyers for Fortune 500 companies and individuals with high net assets. Ben has been protecting family and company owners for more than 11 years.

Soise started a law business with San Diego & Amplifier. #39; The oldest and largest legal firm, Ruth Forward LLP.   Later, Morrison's International Law Office & I joined the company. Forestar LLP, focusing on business rows and complex business transactions.  Mr. Sows'California ' From our Fortune 500 client experience, we learned how to address critical legal challenges in the most cost effective way. For  Sowards Law Comfars, "Wall Street Experience is Main Street Prices."

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Ben Sowards was recommended by a friend who was a lawyer at the company. I was very satisfied with the recommendation. Ben is friendly and can clearly explain the concept. My will and trust were very simple and straightforward. (There is little left after divorce - no home)

The clerk is good. The response to email is very good and always bright. The notary (who forgot his name) was kind, but capable, and knew exactly what she was doing. The signing process has become very smooth. I also like to provide a copy of trust on

USB flash drives. I intended to send them to see them scattered all over the country, but they sent me, so don't worry.

Highly recommended.

01/01/2021 08:45pm



Ben and his team helped me and my wife make a real estate plan, so we were no longer satisfied with the results. Recommended. With great advice and expertise, everyone in the office is very professional.

It's very easy to think of someone who offers similar services (who spoke with multiple property planners before choosing Ben). What's the price? Reasonable - As another Eliper pointed out, Ben is the least expensive and not the most expensive. Overall, we received the amount paid, but also found his service and followed up very valuable.

12/31/2020 04:18am



Ben and his staff are wonderful.  He had an extra time  and endeavoring to do my best.  Service is available. Recommended  He is very expensive, and I'm sorry that I didn't know him before. He would have saved me a lot of money and heartache. Thank you for your expertise and legal advice

12/31/2020 09:42am



Ben was amazing!  He listened carefully to what we wanted in the trust, asked wonderful questions, explained in a straightforward way, gave us many options, advised us whether to go with one or two separate trusts, and taught us all the pros and cons of each.  

Ben discussed with his daughter to make sure that my disabled grandchild prepared the right food, and actually looked into the choice of a daughter to help him decide what to do with his trust... And I never paid a separate fee for the job!

When we went to Ben's office to sign a relationship of trust, he examined everything in plain words and made it a very painless procedure.  In addition to the original document with the signature, we provide electronic copies to the flash drive, so you can upload and share with your children.

This is the smoothest and simplest legal process I have ever experienced, and I thought of Ben as a reason.  Ben is a very kind person, rich in experience and knowledge of the real estate law.  I enjoyed working with him.

If you go to this company, you won't regret it!

12/28/2020 01:41am



Ben Sowards and his staff were always  I always go away with confidence in their advice quickly and thoroughly with their support. I will continue to rely on their legal expertise.

12/27/2020 06:57pm