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Russell Karen D Attorney At Law


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I have practiced family law since I got my license in 1984. After working as a partner in a small company, I became a practice doctor by myself and started practicing alone in 1995.

Established in 1995


I am a divorce mediator and a joint lawyer. The case is not a choice for me to hire. I focus only on helping to solve the divorce problem.

Karen has been a family law lawyer for 30 years and is now limiting her practice to mediation and joint practice.   See her bio and articles on her website at

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Karen made a big difference in the world during my divorce  25 years ago.  Even then, her experience is impressive and she has terrible power on your side.

12/28/2020 07:05am



I regret that Karen didn't help me.  In September, my husband and I hired her to mediate divorce, and in March of the following year, over $4,000, insisted that we should stop using her, not get a place to negotiate reconciliation between husband and wife.  She doesn't recognize the characteristics of her husband's self-loving character and can't cooperate any more.  When she taught us how to look at the law in the case, she didn't accept the understanding of her husband who taught us how to break up. He completely missed the chance to cooperate with us, and she didn't know that his idea was to "dig a rabbit hole".  We spent months trying to figure things out for ourselves, and when I met her, I spent hours in catching her, and looking at the spreadsheets and documents that I had developed to understand my current financial situation.  Since we have never divorced before, we didn't know how the process should proceed.  I felt that she was not in charge of managing and managing the work and schedule.  Because he was so picky about gathering information from my husband...I had to sit with him and complete the disclosure statement.  The process became painful and I was completely alone.  We are  Karen and the collaborative process will not be useful to me sooner or later.

12/31/2020 05:26am