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Our founder was a partner in life, but not a business. President Jonathan urged Nora to provide some guiding advice in a pay-and-time lawsuit involving the allegations of two workers who were misidentified as "immunity". They were very successful and decided to continue working together.

Established in 2006


We are very experienced employment lawyers. We are an expert on hourly pay. We will file a bill with the California Labor Relations Commission. Bring and defend legal actions against employees and employees in a higher court. We get great results. Our customers depend on us for great advice. We will do our best. Our customers love us and always attract 100% attention.

Nora is from San Francisco, but is   in South Bay. I've been living in for more than 20 years. B.A.UC Berkeley JD: Golden Gate University Law School JD.

Her profession is a civil trial, especially in the Employment Law and the Business Law.   She expresses the plaintiff and the accused with equal enthusiasm.   She was an excellent writer and won the Law Research and Clerical Award.  

Her clients like her enthusiastic support, but they get more advice from her.   You are a high-level person, without fear of telling the truth to your partner, customers, or courts.   She is very efficient without mincing words.   Her customers also cherish her cunning thinking and strategic approach.

Nora was also a certified mediator through the Santa Clara Prefectural Office of Human Relations, and helped solve many complex problems such as business law, personal injury and family law.

Nora R.
business owner





Nora was a big help to us in our recent one-year civil lawsuit. She provided practical, practical advice and guidance that was incredibly helpful. I always felt that she was listening to me and that Nora really understood us and her situation. She was always available no matter how busy she was, so she made us feel no more than she was pursuing a lawyer. Most importantly, she was very familiar with the law, she got a 100% sense of security, and she showed her way. It is important to trust your lawyer and think of your own interests highest. It's always the case with Nora.

Don't be taken in by her kind attitude or gentle manner. Nora is a fierce, wonderful lawyer, winning! But she never invites more into the fight than is necessary. She is a skilled mediator and believes that she will minimize emotional and economic damage in legal battles. She never felt as if she had put money or billable time before our best interests and great advice. If legal advice is needed again, we are happy to be able to bring a competent and competent attorney.

12/25/2020 01:37pm



Good job! !  I was very happy when I received an introduction from a trust lawyer.  Nora was able to quickly assess the employment problem and provide very satisfactory guidance that could solve my problem.  She also made extra efforts to keep time within my budget.  Thank you for your hard work!

12/29/2020 06:01am



When I suddenly received an "invitation" from the Labor Relations Commission and started to discuss the employment issues of former employees.... Fortunately, I decided to call based on the amazing feedback of Yelp and used the free telephone consultation with Nora. I spoke for about 30 minutes, but I was immediately convinced that I had made the right choice. And I met Nora, talked in detail, and she calm down and explained our way.
With Jonathan, I came to the Labor Relations Commission to help us find out what kind of information. She's a great wording expert, and it's also a master of explaining great laws in amateur language.

In other Elps, the good things that have been said about Nora and Jonathan in our experience are absolutely true. It is recommended to close families and absolutely recommended to those who need labor or contract laws.

Thanks to both, I would like to express my gratitude.

01/02/2021 11:54pm



Nora was wonderful.  She replied quickly, gave very healthy advice and helped me with all my questions.  She knew all the laws about my situation. I recommend it to anyone with any questions or problems regarding the employer. I never fail to return to her when other problems occur.  I was very happy. Thank you, Nora!

01/03/2021 03:37pm



I really recommend Nora. I was caught up in time, had my contract reviewed, received a call back from Nora, and within 24 hours I reviewed and discussed the contract.

She was a knowledgeable and professional adviser. I will definitely use her again

12/26/2020 09:09pm



It is definitely recommended for those who have experienced labor disputes. I've heard a lot of scary stories and I don't have much money, so I'm very careful to go to a lawyer.  These two are great!  For them, even though my case was not profitable, they convinced me of my choice.  They really understood my situation and spent time listening to what I really appreciate.

12/31/2020 02:53am



I've worked with Nora on two issues in the past. She is kind and warm. I felt like she had taken time to liberate my options. She is the best person to be by you in a difficult time.

12/29/2020 04:06am



I enjoyed working with Nora. She kept using her lawyers and legal representatives all the way and felt that she was most interested in me. She explained to me the lawyer's words so that I could understand them. Good, we all need it! I was moved by the persistence of her expression and her knowledge of law. She was also sympathetic and "understood" to me, as well as many legal issues, with very good meaning to get from those representing others on important issues. We recommend working with Nora for lawyers and agents. If you need a legal representative, we look forward to visiting Nora in the future. Thank you, Nora!

12/30/2020 04:17pm