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With more than 50 years of experience in the Employment Law, Employment Rights Attorneys provides legal services for SMEs and employees in the San Jose-San Francisco Bay area. We are trying to understand and maintain your rights, and we are trying to increase fairness in our workplace. Dell offers a solution-oriented approach to solving work problems, which can serve as a human resource function for small and medium businesses. Dell's legal services include:

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Our law firm provides quick, quick advice and advice on a wide range of employment matters, and proactively takes the initiative to help customers solve prior to litigation. Each employee must be aware that they have a right to be forced, such as hostile working conditions, harassment, unfair layoffs, and default of wages. If you need advice on work issues, or if you need to work directly with your customers on company discipline or dismissal issues, your attorney will experience both pre-litigation and litigation.

Richard Shram is an employment rights lawyer in Campbell, California. It deals with all aspects of the employment law that have lasted for over 40 years, and is experienced in state and federal courts representing individual employees, officers, and small and medium-sized businesses.

He indicts and protects unlawful retirement, harassment, discrimination, breach of contract, and wage litigation.

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I was exhausted and confused, and I proposed that the payroll would be of no use, and that I should be called an employee lawyer. I wanted Yelp to know that Amy was great because Amy quickly answered my phone and helped AMY understand my situation!
Thank you for your help.

12/29/2020 01:21pm



Based on your "Paraligal" Maria's front/receptionist, it is certainly the Zero Stars. Although I tried to give advice without asking for advice, I said, "I'm not familiar with maternity leave, so it's difficult to consult with you." First of all, I didn't ask your lawyer for advice. She still continues to follow her own opinion, cutting me off twice while I answer the question. Anyway, I could have sat down and consulted and paid for their services, but I know that everyone who calls a new customer needs to go in Paralegal.

12/30/2020 06:18am



I went to see him today on the recommendation of Richard Schram. A few minutes later than planned, he called in advance, discussed before his client, and explained in detail how to proceed. When he finished, he was very polite and apologized for the delay. We discussed the related issues, he took notes, and had a second monitor to see what he was typing. When we were finished, he made a firm proposal and rewrote it to me. Richard Schram is highly recommended for employees who have questions or problems with their employers.

12/26/2020 01:57am