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The Elahi Law Office was established by a lawyer of Eve I. He has served the area for more than 35 years. Mr. Elahi is licensed in California and the Supreme Court. Huma Ellahie co-attorneys are licensed for the California state bar and are ranked Super Delhees Rising Star. Attorneys in the province do not exceed 2.5%.

Established in 1977


For more than 30 years, lawyers at the Elahi Law Office have been meeting the needs of the Bay Area's real estate planning and business law. Dell Services include wills, trusts, attorney's authority, spousal property contracts, trust management, probate and maintenance.

Javed Ellahie is a real estate planning and certified attorney and certified specialist for the Bankruptcy Act  , California, State. He has lectured on many legal matters.

Javed is Martindale-Hubbell "AV-Rating" You have received the highest legal knowledge and ethics rating of "Super Lovel"Since 2007,

Javed's   Experience of real estate planning includes creating simple, complex trusts, creating irrevocable trusts, setting up asset plans that offer maximum flexibility, including family funding and charitable trusts. Javed' is   He also created a will trust that meets the requirements of the Islamic Inheritance Law.

Javed  served as a trustee of the Santa Clara County Bar Association and Nishitani Mission College County.
Golden Gate University, LLM (Tax) (2008)
Santa Clara University, J.D. (1974), Camlaud
taught in a trial defense program at Stanford and San Francisco's Law Department

Javed E.
business owner





I hired Huma Elahi, prepared a mandate for my mother, and reviewed various business contracts. Huma is professional, dynamic and polite. She has had a much better experience than other lawyers I worked with in the past.  It is highly recommended for those looking for someone who can do their job in a consultative and thoughtful way.

12/26/2020 10:54pm