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C. Zane Becker, Esq.


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In 2013, the C. Becker Law Office was established. Mr. Becker has been engaged in the Employment Law for 10 years, but he is an enthusiastic supporter of all his clients.

Established in 2013


Knowing and understanding the complex hiring practices in California is essential to avoiding time-consuming litigation and costly reconciliation. For years, I have been successful as a plaintiff lawyer representing only employees. In the meantime, I learned how to persuade all types of claims to their employers. I also found out how much the California Employment Law is favorable to employees, not employers. This unique perspective and knowledge gives me an advantage in protecting my employer from employee assertions. As a lawyer, I understand the Employment Law from both the employee and employer perspective. I teach customers in the following areas. · Establish pre-employment compliance and effective recruitment methods - Create and confirm employee handbooks and HR policies - Maintain absences for pregnant employees and disabled persons - Maintain privacy, security and confidentiality at work - Legal advice on compensation (remuneration, overtime pay, remuneration, meal breaks, rest breaks, etc.) and employee classification - Preparation and implementation of performance evaluations - Proper use of independent contractor classification - Process all phases of employee discipline including termination - Support for non-competitive agreements and limited covenants - Effective records management and retention





I can't say anything about Sanae. I worked with several lawyers during my 16 years of service, but Zane was a very professional. A competent lawyer who I've worked with. He is also the most honest, caring, honest and ethical lawyer I have ever met. He goes back and forth for his client and accepts the case as if it were his own. Without Saane, I wouldn't have been able to overcome the difficulties I had to deal with. He and Sirianna are the best people and I don't think I'll ever find a better lawyer. They worked strategically on my case, and at the same time expressed genuine concern about what I was experiencing and the results. He also gave me very important advice when changing my business in order to protect my company from these issues in the future. He fairly demanded his work, and the more lawyers there were, the less paid he was. In fact, when the consultation was delayed, I tried to keep costs as low as possible.

When I was working together, I briefly told Ms. Minoru that a good friend of my lawyer was looking for a job. He asked me to tell her his contact information. Because he may know some job. He not only spoke to her on the phone, but also took time to meet her directly on a busy schedule, and then introduced her to a few open positions he knew.

If your business owner needs a lawyer, Sane and Serianna are highly recommended. Received

UPDATE** 8/21/17 decision. With 100% of the five claims the employees filed against us, reject all claims and & zero! This only shows the ability of a really good lawyer! I'm relieved and I'm always grateful. I don't know what we did or what results would have been if I didn't know him. For those who have a chance to win, I strongly recommend that you consider Dezan as your advisor.

01/02/2021 02:35am



C Sané Becker simply doesn't return the call! I left several messages on both numbers he provided. Nothing!

01/01/2021 02:40pm



I never imagined that a lawyer would treat me like a family member when I actually started working. My fight became his battle, he took off my stress, put it on his shoulders, and went to war for me. Our results are unbelievable, and there is nothing left to ask my lawyer. I am a lifetime client, and I am not thankful enough for what he did for me and for my work.

01/01/2021 07:24pm



When I filed a suit two or three years ago, Zane Becker was my opposite lawyer.  I found him intelligent, intuitive, and earth-living lawyer.  He was a good man, and much supported by his client.  If you are looking for an employment lawyer in San Jose, we recommend that you call San Becker.

12/27/2020 09:49pm



Zane Becker is absolutely a defensive measure.

We strongly recommend that all business owners consult with Mr. Becker (or ) in case of litigation. You may think that the organization is protected, but you will be blown away by unexpected surprises. Zane's primary goal as a lawyer is to protect the business to the fullest, and plan to prevent it before litigation. He is a kind of person. Thank you San.

12/25/2020 12:51pm



As a business man for small and medium-sized companies, it was the greatest horror I could imagine that I would be hired by a former employee and taken to the Labor Bureau. I thought I could be my representative, but I couldn't do it by myself. Well, I'm glad I called Sane. He jumped to the right and listened to my opinion. His knowledge of the employment law was very impressive. I've zeroed the case! Then I reviewed my employment documents and tweaked that no nightmare would happen again. I don't hesitate to use his services in the future.

01/01/2021 06:52pm



The owner of a small business dealing with legal issues may feel very stressed. He didn't know who to depend on, and automatically asked himself, "How much does this cost?" As a business manager, I felt more secure about business, so I could understand the business path. Dane is knowledgeable and methodical when addressing my legal issues. From his extensive experience of employment law, he takes a firm attitude toward his customers.

Zane treats you like a family. He keeps in touch with you, and I can't speak anything. We strongly recommend Zane if you are doing legal work, or if you simply need legal advice on how to tackle employment issues.

12/26/2020 07:39pm



Sanet and Sirianna did a hard job in my case. They really went over the top through the whole process. After all, it was much better than the look from the beginning, and of course I can't say enough about them. I was very grateful that they were easily obtained when I was asked. Six stars a day! !

01/03/2021 08:22am



As a human resource, receiving sound legal advice is the most important thing for a successful job. You can rely on Sane as an incredibly good creative lawyer. His honest way of thinking is that I respect and value him so much that I have called him over and over for advice on his expertise. He is trusted as a trusted advisor who maximizes integrity and ethics.

12/29/2020 02:17pm



He has a warm heart and a cold head.
Always showed a good strategy, explained the details of the process, and indicated the best way.
I was very satisfied that he worked professionally and solved the problem.

I saved my money, time and effort!

12/28/2020 03:25pm