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A group of friends who did not expect to enter the church decided to start the church together. I really want to connect with God, but I'm a church for people who don't get used to the traditional religious world. A church in which our people, who have the hope and meaning found in Jesus, can invite friends without doubting whether they will be happy.

Established in 2014


a church for the rest of us When we say "church," we mean something you might have experienced. It is not a structure of a steeple or peony. It's not for religious elites. The church is us. the people Even we failed. We don't all know the answers to the most difficult problems in life together. However, we are creating an environment that focuses on Jesus' "other-centered" messages. The environment in which we love God, love people and do important things. In theory, it is simple and actually complex. If we take Jesus in front of things, we can move in that direction.

Gary is the master clergyman in Bayshore. He graduated from the SPU and received the master's degree #39;s Degree of the Rockbridge Theological Seminary. He was a Haipoint Church in Puyalup, Washington; Amplifier; In front of an amplifier;), the East Lake Community Church in Bosell, Washington State, started two Ministry of Students' programs and taught them in order to grow the Church's plants. In 2009, he married his wife Lindsay and gave birth to two children (Jad & amp;) Kason. Lindsey is an ardent photographer and lives a party.

Gary H.
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